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Zip for Macintosh

English is not my native language. So I'm sure there are some errors :-)


[*]Status of the Port:

I decided to port the fine Info Zip programs (Zip,Unzip).
My intention is to be compatible with the current Zip format and support all the mac-specific features.

Size of the archive: 380 Kbyte.
see the README.TXT

Binaries and Source are available on the download page.

go to the Download page


    - Aliases are not supported. I tried, but I got broken aliases
      This port will silently ignore all aliases.
      It's on my to-do list for future releases.

    - Zip needs much memory to compress many files:
      You may need to increase the 'Preferred Size' in 'Get Info'.
      Values of 12 Megabytes or more are possible

    - Unzip needs about 500 Kbyte of memory to unzip no matter
      how many files were compressed and expanded.

    - and finally one big macintosh-related problem:
      This port has one weak point: It's based on pathnames.
      As you may be already know: Pathnames are not unique on a Mac !
      The main reason is that an attempt to implement support exact saving of
      the MacOS specific internal file-structures would require a throughout
      rewrite of major parts of shared code, probably sacrifying compatibility
      with other systems.
      I have no solution at the moment. The port will just warn you if you try
      zip from / to a volume which has a duplicate name.
      MacZip has problems to find the archive or the files.
      My (Big) recommendation: Name all your volumes with a unique name and
      MacZip will run without any problem.

Known Bugs:
    - crypted files in a zip archive are sometimes corrupt:
      I get an error message: invalid compressed data to inflate.
      Appearance of this error is purly be change:
      I did a small test: Unzipping an archive containing 3589 files
      56 files fails to unzip, so about 1.5%     

I strongly recommend to test your archive (eg. unzip -t archive)

Future Plans

Due to lack of time, I have no further plans with MacZip.

[*]What is MacZip ?

MacZip is a cross-platform compatible tool and
includes both Zip (for compression) and Unzip (for extraction).

zip is a compression and file packaging utility for  Unix,
VMS,  MSDOS, OS/2, Windows NT, Minix, Atari and Macintosh,
Amiga and Acorn RISC OS.

Unzip unpacks zip archives.
The zip and unzip programs can work with archives pro-
duced by PKZIP, and PKZIP and PKUNZIP can work with
archives produced by zip. zip version 2.2 is compatible
with PKZIP 2.04.

This port supports also Apple-event.So you can install it in your
WWW-Browser as a helper-app. A additional apple event "do_cmd"
gives you the full power of command-line invocation via

tell application "MacZip (PPC)"
        with timeout of 90000 seconds
                do_cmd "zip -rjjN Volume:archive \"My Volume:*\" "
        end timeout
end tell
How does Compression work see:


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I ask no fee for this program, although I do retain all rights to it and the source code. You are welcome to distribute it to anyone. I also claim no responsibility for any damage this software may do to you or your computer.

Dirk Haase

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